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TV Bioenergy and the biomass market

Mike O'Brien meeting Thames Valley Bioenergy TV Bioenergy Team meeting Mike O'Brien, the former Energy minister, at the SE Renewable Energy Conference 2004

TV Bioenergy was established in 2002 as a result of an identified need for an intermediary to coordinate the fuel supply for the developing small scale biomass market.

Despite enthusiasm from a number of sectors regarding biomass heating extreme concern was expressed regarding security of supply of the fuel particularly in rural areas during the winter months. Most potential suppliers were not able to guarantee the fuel supply as and when required by the end user and the vast majority were unaware of the various quality standards of wood chip and the particular moisture content requirements. As a result TV Energy took the decision to establish TV Bioenergy, a wholly owned subsidiary, to specialise in wood fuel supply to the small scale markets across the Thames Valley, Surrey and north Hampshire.

By drawing on range of producers and working closely with local farmers TV Bioenergy can offer end users security of supply and can ensure the required quality standards are met.