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Woodchip in storage Wood chip in storage at Shortenills Education Centre

Shortenills Environmental Education Centre

Shortenills is a residential education centre for primary school children that utilises an 80kW woodchip boiler to provide all the centre’s space heating requirements. For more information see the Shortenills case study PDF.

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Wexham wood chip boiler Wexham Nurseries wood chip boiler

Wexham Nurseries

Wexham Nursery is owned and operated by Slough Borough Council and provides all the plants for the towns, parks, gardens and street displays. Since Autumn 2005 the nursery has all its heating needs supplied by a 540kW woodchip boiler. For more information see the Wexham Nursery case study PDF.

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Slough Heat and Power

Slough Heat and Power Slough Heat & Power

Slough Heat & Power biomass power station

Slough Heat & Power is a multi megawatt power station based on Slough Trading Estate that utilises biomass fuel in the form of woodchips to generate electricity which is distributed to the National Grid and heat which is utilised on the Trading Estate via a steam and hot water distribution network. For more information see the Slough Heat & Power case study PDF

If you are interested in supplying woodchip to Slough Heat and Power please contact us on 01635 817420 or email

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Energy from your land?

Could you become a producer of sustainable wood fuel? Find out what it takes and some of the benefits already being experienced by other landowners ..More »

End Users

Wood fuel for business

Businesses are already using renewable wood fuel. Find out who they are and how your business might also benefit ..More »

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