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End Users

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TV Bioenergy Supply

TV Bioenergy are suppliers of quality wood fuel in the Thames Valley and Surrey. TV Bioenergy works with a range of carefully selected fuel suppliers across the region in order to maintain high quality of fuel and to ensure security of supply for all our end users.

Delivery Mechanisms

TV Bioenergy is keen to work closely with existing and potential wood fuel end users to ensure that appropriate delivery mechanisms are employed. It is particularly important for potential end users to consider all the possible fuel reception options carefully prior to selection. Selecting the wrong fuel reception option can sometimes lead to major problems further down the line for small scale heating systems. TV Bioenergy is happy to advise end users on appropriate fuel reception options and the associated delivery mechanisms that would suit.

TV Bioenergy works closely with all end users to determine the most appropriate delivery mechanisms for each individual end user. Issues such as delivery days and times will be arranged and drawn into a contract. In addition appropriate vehicles will be identified and any safety procedures for delivery drivers will be drawn up with the end user. It is also possible to arrange de-ashing for end users.

Security of Supply

Security of supply is an essential part of utilising wood as the main heat fuel. End users need to be sure that they have access to fuel supply throughout the year and in particular during the winter months. TV Bioenergy works with a wide range of local woodland owners, foresters, farmers and tree surgeons to establish a broad network of suppliers across the region which enables us to guarantee security of supply to our end users.


TV Bioenergy works closely with end users and local suppliers to ensure that the cost of wood fuel is competitive with the fossil fuel alternative whilst still maintaining high quality and security of supply. Wood fuel is normally sold on a tonnage basis however where weighbridges are not easily accessible, fuel can be sold per cubic metre or on a heat supply contract.