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Round wood ready for chipping Round wood ready for chipping

TV Bioenergy supplies wood fuel to a number of end users across the Thames Valley and Surrey. Our primary end user is Slough Heat and Power, a multi megawatt combined heat and power station that uses wood fuel as its primary fuel source. In addition, TV Bioenergy supplies an increasing number of small scale biomass boilers throughout the region. More information on the small scale boilers can be found under case studies.

Chipping at Norbury Chipping at Norbury

TV Bioenergy works with a large number of suppliers of wood fuel across the region in order to ensure the appropriate quality of wood fuel is achieved for each of the different markets and that security of supply is guaranteed. To this end TV Bioenergy is keen to engage new wood fuel suppliers across the region to supplement supply to existing end users and to supply new end users as they come on stream.

At present our main market for wood fuel is Slough Heat and Power for which the majority of our wood chip is sourced from tree surgeons and woodland clearance operations. However, the small scale boilers tend to be more meticulous about the size and moisture content of the fuel and therefore need to use wood that has been seasoned in the round for at least one year and then chipped. The quality standards PDF's are available for Slough Heat & Power and the small scale boilers.

If you would like to become a supplier of wood fuel for one of our projects within the Thames Valley and Surrey please fill in the Producers Contact Form (on this page) and a member of our team will contact you.