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Tree Station

Defra fund new Tree Station

TV Bioenergy has recently been awarded funding from Defra’s Bioenergy Infrastructure Scheme to establish a Tree Station in the Thames Valley. The Tree Station will be a joint venture between TV Bioenergy and farmers, John and Steve Whitby and will be located at Rowley Farm in South Bucks.

The aim of the Tree Station is to draw on wood residues that would otherwise be burnt on site or landfilled in order to process into a quality usable fuel for power stations and small scale boilers within the region.

Rowley Farm in South Bucks New Tree Station at Rowley Farm in South Bucks
Logs at the Tree Station Logs at the New Tree Station awaiting processing
Excavations start on the new building Excavations start on the new building
Construction of the frame Construction of the frame
Pouring the concrete floor Pouring the concrete floor
Completing the entrance Completing the entrance


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